15 February 2008

Mitt Endorses McCain

Yesterday, all his troubles seemed so far way, but now they are here to stay....sorry, I could hear the Beatles in the back of my mind....Mitt Romney has officially told his delegates to vote for McCain at the convention. Now that had to be hard for Mitt, since he and McCain have no love lost between the two.

This is a cute turn of events. Mitt endorses McCain to save his standing in the GOP? Or does he truly think that McCain is the best they have? If it is the later, then the way some have called him a flip-flop agent , then they would be right. It is more that he was told to do this by the GOP to preserve the integrity of the Party. Mitt being the political whore that he is, will fall in line, so that he can have more support when he runs again. Make no mistake, he will be a candidate again and he will need the GOP machine.

The GOP is tiring of Huckabee and his persistence. They want this soap opera to be over as soon as possible. Mitt is just doing what he is ordered to do. He does give two shakes in hell about McCain's candidacy; he is worried about his political future and his chances of becoming president down the road. With the endorsement, McCain is very close to the magic number of delegates needed. It is all but over for Huckabee, but what will he do now? It will be interesting to see, since he has a paid speech in the Cayman Islands and this was announced while he was preoccupied with his trip.

This is not a surprise, Mitt will do anything to preserve his standing in the Party and to help his future political contests. As i have said that makes him a political whore.

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