05 February 2008

From Day One

OMG! a couple of weeks ago, I became ill with the use of the word "change". I thought that it could not get any worse than everyone and his handler was on the bandwagon for change in Washington. The strange part was there was gonna be change in Washington no matter who won. But the only change was going to be the face of the President. Other than that--don't count on it!

But wait! just when it was safe to listen to the candidates again--there has been a change! From day one is the new buzz phrase. Absolutely EVERYONE will be ready to be president "from day one". Please stop!

They might want to lay off the buzz crap and address specifics of their platforms. "From day one" is oh so cute, but it addresses NOTHING! I realize I am dreaming that we actually get specifics, but that is what I am looking for in my candidate. Bumper stickers, slogans and buzz words do nothing to tell the people where the change will come or just what they will be doing on "day one".

If the voter is easily impressed with mindless crap like this thing, then they deserve the incompetent bozos that will be elected.

Peace! Out!

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