07 February 2008

Now The Race Is On

Two days of rest and reflection and now the candidates will hit the campaign trail again. Now it is not so much a popularity contest aimed at the voters, now the candidates are wooing the Super delegates...there is the real power in the process, especially the closer we get to the convention.

But the question to ask is: will the will of the voter be the defining item in who the delegates select to support? We should hope it is, but I feel that it will be more of what deal was made with these delegates to warrant their support at the convention. Since the Super delegates are made up of elected officials, party leaders and just flipping' rich people, where would you think the vote will go?

Since the Dem candidates are very similar in their messages to the people, where would the winner come from? The DLC has gained the upper hand in the party and it is controlled by corporate interests; my vote goes to Clinton , at this point. But that could change, if the wave of true "change" agents win in a landslide in the remaining contests. I do not see this happening. I pray it will, but I believe it will be a knotted convention and deals WILL have to be made and Clinton will come out as the nominee.

I know, not what some want to hear. But reality bites!

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