04 February 2008

The Storm Approaches

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and hopefully all will get out and vote. For whom? Well Clinton and Obama are in a statistical tie nationwide. McCain is leading Romney and Huckabee. If McCain wins Tuesday it may be over for Romney. To save his political reputation he will get out of the race and wait for the next opportunity. Huckabee may stay just to get some delegates so he can play "Let's Make A Deal".

By Wednesday morning there will still be no clear cut frontrunner in the Dems ranks. And then it will be a race in the remaining contests to accumulate delegates. And take it to the convention for a finally push.

The media will have a thumper come Wednesday morning. Fot the story will not be over and they can still have their fun pushing whatever they think will be the best ratings getter. The best story will be the fact that Clinton, who agreed to not participate in Florida is now trying to get their votes to count. Why? She won on name recognition and she needs the delegates. They will fight for this the more they fall behind. This will be the story to come.

Let the voting begin--fun--fun--fun.

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