15 February 2008

A New Clinton Strategy?

Obama has blown Hillary out in 8 of 8 contests and it looks like there will be 2 more for Obama, Wisconsin and Hawaii. Clinton's camp is starting to look a bit desperate. They are starting to go negative, slowly at first, but it will pick up. They are trying to gain much needed key endorsements and they are trying to shame Obama into a bunch of debates. This alone looks like they are desperate to find a way to bring him down or at least slow his roll.

Clinton is hinging everything on the 04 March primaries. An interesting tactic, but if all will remember there was another attempt at this strategy, let us call it the Rudy Effect, shall we. About the only groups that Clinton still has a commanding lead in is white women and Latinos, and her support in the later is waning. She needs a boost. Will Richardson endorse Clinton? That is the $64 question.

Apparently, no one was noticed that her message of she is ready, she can win and she will bring change, is a sad message. While Obama is talking "we", thus making the voter part of the solution. This is playing well the more that his message gets out. Her experience is still taunted at every venue, but it is not playing well. She is basically applying for the job of Bush, where Obama is a way out of the rut that has been in place for 20-25 years.

Clinton's desperation just keeps growing. Now she is fighting to seat the delegates of Florida and Michigan, two states she won. But she was the only name on one ballot and the other she won on name recognition alone. This could get ugly. But keep in mind that the credentials committee is made up of people that were part of the last Clinton administration. That could make a difference.

As I have said, this is about to get even more ugly than the South Carolina primary. Look for 527s and surrogates to start putting all types of negativity out into the campaigns. Some are saying there is no substance to the programs in speeches. I agree, both candidates are about as vague as vague can get. But the idea of "real" change is in the air. The only way to stop change is through a manure spreading operation and that is about to commence. This could be one of the most ugly election seasons on record.

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