06 February 2008

What Did Super Tuesday Teach Us?

Good question. On the Repub side it taught us that Romney is not a likable candidate. His message did not get thru to the American conservative voter. Huckabee is still alive. well at least in the South and will go on awhile longer. McCain is now the undisputed front runner, regardless of how bad pundits do not want it. Mitt's choices are if he continues he must pick his battles well or to save his reputation he will slide out of the race and wait for the next political challenge.

Now the Dems--absolutely nothing has been decided. Clinton won some of the larger states and Obama chipped away at the smaller ones. But the real telling thing will be the delegate count, which will mostly likely be sometime this afternoon. Clinton will spin her victories in the larger states for the Super delegates, trying to win support. Obama will spin the fact that he is winning all over the US and is helping to turn out a record amount of voters. There is no front runner for the Dems right now. So this will continue on to places like Texas, Virginia, DC, on and on...delegates will be the trophy that both Obama and Clinton will be playing for.

The drama for the Repubs is just about over, but the Dems can go on and on--all the way to the convention and then the deals will fly. Will the voter get the best candidate? Not necessarily, but rather the best deal maker.

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