05 February 2008

A Democratic Free For All

OMG! What a crock of steaming manure! The media is billed the Democratic race on Super Tuesday as a free for all. I wish I could see it. To me, a free for all is when there are multiple contests and they all go at it to be the winner. On the Dem side there are two candidates. And there is not much difference between them, only race and gender separates the two candidates. Where is the free for all?

The media has done its very best to eliminate the multiple candidates and have it down to the two. So again, where is the free for all? The media has wanted a race/gender war from the beginning. That way issues are secondary; the people will go to the polls and vote in a popularity contest. Or at best a beauty contest.

History will be made when the nominee is selected. But the only history will be that of a woman or a black man wins the nomination. As far as history goes and especially the change; if I were you I would not hold my breath. At what point was a two person contest ever a free for all? As usual the media is doing all it can to make your decisions for you. That is not the horrible part. The horrible part is--you are allowing them to do so.

Enjoy your decision while you can, for it will not be long lasting.

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