24 February 2008

Whining On The Campaign Trail

OMG! Just how pathetic are these attacks? Clinton is trying to look like the victim here. I worked in New Hampshire and now the mean old black guy is attacking the helpless little woman. Please people!

These fliers that she is pouting about are nothing. The one on health care is a joke. Both of these candidates have similar health care plans. And if Clinton's is anything like her home organization, the DLC, then the penalty for not signing in on the program is the possible loss of one's personal tax exemptions. Obama's is similar, but I have found a penalty yet, but that is not saying there is none. Both candidates call their plans "universal" health care, but they are not totally.

Ok the next flier that Clinton is being "abused" over is the one that the Obama people have on her support for NAFTA. Obama has said about the situation, "You can't be for something and take credit for an administration . . . and then when you run for president say that you didn't really mean what you said way back then,". But the reality is that both candidates want to reform NAFTA, not eliminate it.

So when Clinton says, "shame on you, Barack Obama", it is just a political tactic for sympathy. My grand father had a saying for those looking for sympathy. He said, "grab a dictionary and look between sh*t and syphilis and you will find your sympathy".

The only "shame on you" that should be sounded , should be directed at the media for putting the voter through this bovine fecal matter.

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