27 February 2008

The Last Democratic Debate?

We can only pray that it is. After 20 or was it 30, debates the people are energized to snooze. The big question last night was which Clinton would show up, the one from the last debate with her warm and fuzzy tone about Obama or the one from the weekend with the ranting and raving. Deep down, everyone wanted the latter. They wanted her to come off the ropes with a folding chair and brain Obama.

Clinton gets first question and she finds fault with it. Everyone held their breath waiting...waiting...and then..nothing! It was the same as the last debate and the one before that. Niceties were everywhere, complimentary BS was everywhere.

At first there was a bit of the snippys on health care, they went back and forth, but nothing new. Then it continued with the ping pong match on Kosovo, war, NAFTA, everybody's past votes,and support for Israel. The only part of the debate that was a bit hostile was a short piece on personal attacks. Clinton did however, almost apologize for her vote to go to Iraq. It was a around about way of saying that she may have been mistaken.

Ok, since Americans have to have a winner and a loser, I will give this debate a DRAW! Nothing new, just a rehash of every damn thing you have heard up to this point. Just a way to get the stump speeches out there. No real specifics, just the same vague generalities of what to expect if they are elected president. The real winners were those people that went to bed and got a good night's sleep. The losers were people like me that are waiting for something to happen that will make this interesting....we are still waiting.

Obama is leading in the polls, that did not change with this debate. He did get to play his little warm fuzzy for Clinton, saying what an honor it is and that she is a fine person and candidate..yada..yada...please let the voting begin.

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