07 February 2008

Clinton Looks Desperate

Awhile back Michigan and Florida decided to move their primaries up so they could take advantage of the early days of the campaign cycle. They did so without consulting the DNC. As a retaliation, the DNC said that the delegates from the two states were not allowed and would not be seated at the Dem convention. Clinton, Obama and Edwards signed an agreement that they would not campaign in either of the two states.

Clinton won the non-existent primaries in Michigan and Florida, she did so without campaign there. We win was pretty sizeable, but mostly likely it was because of name recognition and media reports. So, Clinton wins delegates that ill not count. But she is taunting the media about her large wins in these states. A good spin is a good spin, even if it does not count.

News is breaking that Clinton and her machine are trying to cut a deal with the DNC to have the two states delegates be seated and be counted. this makes her look desperate at best. Now she and hubby are showing their true colors of win at all costs. Bill has done his part to spread a layer of bitterness and falsehoods. The "old school" tactic of destroy your opponent at any cost is just pathetic. Is this the change that the people say they are looking for? Bill has got to be in the spotlight, he cannot stand for someone else to stand there and Hillary is egging him on.

Meanwhile, back at the convention. If Clinton and her co-candidate, Bill are successful at having the delegates form Michigan and Florida seated and counted, then I look for the Obama delegates to walk out of the convention. If that truly happens, then the Clintons will have succeeded in dividing the Democratic Party. And this time there may well be no way to put the pieces back together.

Just look how long it has taken to repair the damage to the Dem party from past infighting. If Hillary does somehow get the nomination, she can be proud of the fact that she is the first woman to do so. And same time she can be proud that she, her husband and the DLC have killed the party that bills itself as the party of the people. Nosw that would be an accomplishment!

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