16 February 2008

An Iraqi Withdrawal Plan

I have been neglecting my posts on crap happening around the world. US politics and this election cycle is just so fascinating that I get caught up in the manure spreading of the candidates. I have not seen this much crap in one place for a long time, It is GREAT!

But I had a thought about a new plan to withdraw from Iraq almost immediately.

Withdraw all troops from Iraq and leave Blackwater in place to handle the drudgery of being the back-up force for the Iraqi military and PD. This would accomplish two things, first, it would take our troops out of harm's way and leave the real security force in place. Second, this would eliminate the US from getting the blame for any crap that happens. The US could say that it is a private firm and the government had nothing to do with their actions.

Any failure would not be the fault of the President, but rather that of a corporation. The troops would be safe--the Iraqis would not--but at least the president could have acceptable deniability. This could go a long way at repairing out image in the Middle East.

As long as the US has a private army, why not use them and discard them, pretty much the way they treat the wounded vets.

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