08 February 2008

Who Are Super Delegates?

First there are the delegates that have been selected by the states to go to the conventions and vote for the candidate that has the majority of votes in that state. You have seen them. They are the ones on the floor of the convention that are called upon to state who they support. The ones with the signs and stuff. But then there are the super Delegates.

These are the elected officials, reps, senators, governors, etc that have a say in the selection of the nominee. These public people that have come out for a candidate are gonna vote at the convention. This is where I feel that politics gets slimy. You have heard, in the past, about backroom deals. well guess what? these are the slimy little toads that make those backroom deals.

If the convention is knotted up and no clear winner has been found in the voting, then they go to the super delegates to help make the decision. This is good right? Not in my opinion. Promises are made to gain their vote, like Ambassadorships, cabinet positions, all kinds of promises. And it will work. If these guys and gals are ambitious then they will vote for who makes the best deal.

What will this mean for this election cycle? I can see, if it comes to this, that the Dem Party will split and may signal the death of the party. Let say that Clinton gets the super delegates and becomes the nominee; Obama supporters will feel that they were robbed and that half of the party is being ignored. If the candidates are tied when it comes to the convention in August, then all will have to move carefully, or the party will split and this time it may be permanent.

Howard Dean, as the head of the DNC, will have to move very carefully or he will lose the whole enchilada.

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