08 February 2008

The Mitt-ster Is Gone!

On 07 Feb 08, Mitt Romney suspended his presidential campaign. With all that money spent and still could catch not McCain, he made a wise choice. He said at his announcement, "if it was about me, I would go on......". Yeah right! He was spending all his wealth in the pursuit of the presidency. Somewhere someone in the family slapped him and said there will be nothing left for us.

He quit to save his political reputation. He will need it and it would not look good if he continued to lose and lose and lose. The GOP will reward him for quiting. How? Don't know, but keep an eye on the news, it will become clear by the Repub Convention. McCain will have time now to skate and work on his message to the US and the voters. He can be prepared for the fight to come.

Now I ask myself, what will Mitt fans do now? Like Joe Scarborough, Rush, Inghram, et al. Will they make nice with McCain? But will Mitt be rewarded with VP spot? NO! They will need someone from the South mostly likely. Someone who is a true conservative.

Don't cry for Mitt, he will be well cared for by the party. His days are not over, but rather just beginning. He may not be the presidential nominee, but he will play a major roll in the future.

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