09 February 2008

More Contests Today But What Will They Mean?

Today is Saturday, 09 Feb 08, and there will be contests in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and Kansas and Sunday Maine will have their caucus. Obama will do well in the caucuses, he seems to have a good grass roots organization that will work well in the caucus atmosphere. Louisiana will probably go to Obama also. Clinton is putting her resources into Texas and Ohio later in the month. Delegate count is everything now. Clinton is going for the heavy populated areas trying to boost that count.

The big story will be if Obama's message is getting through to the voter or if the the Clinton machine is doing their job. The whisper campaign is picking up against Obama, there are letters about him being a Muslim and him attending a white hating church. All have been proven to be LIES, but the fear factor is already in the mind of the voter. Especially in the South, this tactic could prove to be a problem for Obama. The sad part is that some will believe these cowardly lies without checking on the validity. I even heard one guy say, "well he is black and it just makes sense". I asked if he checked out the validity of the accusations and he said that he got an email from a friend with the "facts" in it. And that his friend would not stir him wrong.

Obama will not be alone in these attacks, the closer the convention comes, I look for the same types of "mail" to start circulated about Clinton and her husband. Dirty politics is the way to discredit any opponent. They can tell lies and it will be believed. Sad.

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