10 February 2008

This Week's Results In Politics

Fascinating weekend for 09 Feb 08. Louisiana is in the South and a large Afro-American turn out was expected. well Obama won but the turnout was very small. Obama also won Washington state, Nebraska and the US Virgin Islands. Basically it was a clean sweep for Obama. It was expected that the Clinton campaign was gonna have a tough weekend. Sunday is the Maine Caucus and Obama is favored to win that one also. On to Tuesday's contests in DC, Maryland and Virginia, again Obama seems to have the momentum in these contests also. Clinton is looking toward Texas and Ohio for her next "big" win.

Now the Repubs, this has been a huge weekend for Huckabee. He was favored in Louisiana and he came through with the win. He has been called the "Bible Belt" candidate, where there is a strong presence of faith based voters. If so, then that theory has been shot to hell. Huckabee also won in Nebraska and Kansas, not considered strong states for him. Huckabee is proving that he can attract voters outside the "Bible Belt" or it could mean the the Repub voters do not like being told this early who their nominee will be. Either way, Huckabee seems to be gathering more steam.

This is good for me, because it is making the Repub contest a little more intersting. I was almost ready to write it off as over. The Dem side is still an interesting contest, for it looks more and more like it will go all the way to the convention and then the real fireworks will begin.

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