13 February 2008

The Potomac Primaries

The voting is over and Obama has beaten Clinton with double digit results. He got some good turnout from the young, labor, white men and his popularity is picking up with women. Clinton is beginning to worry more about delegates than votes. IMO, her strategy will be to work the remaining contests by the largest number of delegates.

If this is turning into a strategy to take to the convention, where Clinton will attempt to wrestle the nomination from Obama. He has won 8 of 8 contests so far and will mostly likely win the next two, Hawaii and Wisconsin. Obama is becoming the front runner, a position he does not want and will play down.

Clinton is pulling a Rudy, she is focusing most all her effort and resources in Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Rudy tried this in Florida and he got his ass handed to him and he got to go home and chase the Mrs. around the kitchen. To me, she is now appearing to be desperate to hang on to her status in the eyes of the media. It was a terrible decision for Rudy, hopefully, Clinton's people are smarter than Rudy's.

On the Repub side of the coin, McCain won the primaries and is slowly pulling away from Huckabee. That was just how boring that race was, wish I had more to say, but allo I can add is a yawn!

The Democratic Convention in Denver is going to be the most fascinating in history, even more so than the ones of 1968 and 1972. It could very well be end of the Democratic Party as we know it or it could be united like never before. Return to the days of high drama.

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