25 May 2007

To immigrate or Not

Recently, the Congress has passed an immigration bill, and as predicted some like some not so. The debate will continue among all concerned, both pro and con, until it slips away into the night.

CNN's Lou Dobbs has made it his life's work to bring the immigration thing to light. He has written books and done countless shows on the subject.. But recently he out did himself. I think he sees that his bread and butter may be in jeopardy so he did a report on leprosy. He made the point that this disease could be coming across the border with the illegal immigrants. And that if unchecked could become a problem, a health problem for the US strained healthcare resources.

Well my facts show that 70% of leprosy cases are in three countries, India, Nepal and Myanmar. And that there were small amounts in Mexico and even smaller amounts in the US. It would seem that Mr. Dobbs is using a Bush tactic--the Fear Card! Since he is an outspokened opponent of the "illegals" and considered by some to be well informed, then he will be heard by those that will use such hysterical bullshit to their advantage.

I would like to see Mr. Dobbs, since his subject maybe drying up, find a new crusade to go on--like the welfare of handicapped vets. It is just a thought and probably would not sell many books, but it would be a righteous crusade nonetheless.



MemeMarie said...

Agreed, Professor...
Lou had a good thing going for a while there, but as you say, playing the fear card may well be the end of it. At least with those of us who realize when that "card" is being played and the reasons behind it. I have never looked up leprosy, but I will take your word on your studies showing it comes from those three countries.

I bet if he did pick up the handicapped vets, it would be a good one, he has the clout to bring things to a lot of viewers. Someone somewhere needs to do this, it has been in the background for far too long, IMO.

CHUQ said...

I agree, but he will not jump on it! That would mean doing right and I do not think he realizes what is what.

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