22 May 2007

He Is Leading In Iowa

Mitt baby, is leading the pack in Iowa according to a recent poll. McCain and Guiliani are about tied for 2nd. Why? This guy flops around like a fish out of water. Hopefully, it is an error and the guy taking the poll was either drunk or stoned.

McCain is still cranky! In the debates I said he looks like a p*ssed off Doberman and I also said he needs a nap. Nothing has changed--he still needs a nap. I ask his suppoorters, Do you want someone who cannot control his temper to be in control of the World?

Guiliani, does not need a nap, he is already in a coma.


MemeMarie said...

Ha ha, Professor! McCain's show of temper would be bad news for our country.

Just missed you again at PN...

CHUQ said...

I think he is all but dead in the water. It will take a major personality transplant for him to succeed.

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