19 May 2007

Professor's Classroom

Hiya Class! Today's lesson is one question.

Who was the last president to have an immediate family member fight in a war?



MemeMarie said...

Three hours after starting to look, I am still stumped, but I WILL find it, hee hee. I am so frustrated (lol) that I have enlisted Tumble's help, and I usually don't give up this easy.

But.. I tell ya, you gave me a great idea, I will give you credit for that. I will post my idea on PN.

MemeMarie said...

Charles Phelps Taft II????????

CHUQ said...

Yep--LBJ's son in law. Nice work Marie.

MemeMarie said...

Well... Tumble gets the grade. I had found it earlier, but kept looking since I wasn't "sure" that he was the "last" one...


Tumbleweed said...

I enjoy trivia not so much for the answer as learning more about the topic itself.Good one CHUQ.

I find it ironic the presidents who send troops into battle don't seem to have a dog in the fight.lol.

CHUQ said...

I believe that falls under executive priviledge.

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