12 May 2007

Is Smoking Obnoxious?

Why do I ask the question? well, the movie industry is considering getting some movies with smoking a"R" rating. CNN reported that a lot of people find it obnoxious. Well, Is it?

(Lengthy Pause For Comment)

I will answer this for you, I do not would want too many brain farts to cloud the subject. NO! It is not obnoxious! Screaming brats on planes, that's obnoxious. Driver talking on cels, is obnoxious. A 300 lb woman or man in a bikini, well I cannot say that is obnoxious, but damn sure scary!

I reality, I find ALL politicians obnoxious. I find the greed that has a grip on the A,erican people, obnoxious. I also find war, obnoxious and lastly, I see the ignoring of poor people by the pundits in Washington, the most obnoxious of the obnoxious.



MemeMarie said...

Wow! I cannot even say how much I agree with you on this one. This is ridiculous. I saw on the news that out of X number of the past years blockbusters, 74% showed smoking and somewhere around 54% of kids say they picked up smoking because they saw it on movies... PLEEEZZZEE. I think that's BS, personally. They were all probably getting interviewed, so they answered with what they thought they should say. Or maybe I am just not easily influenced by others, but either way, I think it's bull. I could add quite a number of "obnoxious" behaviors to your list, along with sharing some with you (cell phones, screaming kids - doesn't matter where they are!), whiny people (not just for kids anymore) - well, I agree.

Can you believe that Disney's 101 Dalmatians could actually carry the new rating? Would I still show it to my g-kids? YES. Cruella Deville is an evil character in that movie, it's not as though she taught the puppies how to inhale. again... pleeezzzee!

I have a rant and rave type thing to write about in my blog, hopefully I will get it there today. About something that happened yesterday while shopping. I also have been working on a piece for my Mom for Mother's Day, since I didn't know what to get her and she loves my writing, I thought "What better gift than a tribute to her from me"?... Have a good one, Professor... which reminds me, should I call you Chuq or Professor on your blog? Sorry, you seem like Professor to me. :-)I mean it out of respect here, or the forum, so...let me know Thanks for letting me rant!

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