15 May 2007

Are You An Independent?

First of all, what the hell is an independent? A literal translation would be someone who thinks independently and votes issues, not the rantings of politicians on endless emotional issues.

In reality, voters who call themselves independents are just disgruntled Repubs or Dems, who still vote along party lines, but may disagree with this candidtae or that candidate over some wedge issue.

Then there are those who vote for a weak, non-existent third party. Most of these are started by disgruntled politicians who are seeking to make a statement, most should be smart enough to know they have no chance.

When asked what your voting preference is; you have three choices, sometimes only two, byt they are Dem, Repub and Independent. By declaring that you are an independent, you are saying "I have no idea how I will vote". Sad, for if you will not stand for something, you will fall for anything; ok it is an old saying, but it still rings true.

I mean look at the threat that was announced yesterday, Hagel is considering a run as an Independent. But is he? No, he is a republican and will always be a republican. No matter what he tries to call himself, he will never changes those spots.


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