18 May 2007

Is There Troop Support?

Are The Troops That Important?

You have heard your president say just how important the troops are to the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. My question is, Do you believe? Do you believe that the troops are getting the best equipment to make their mission easier and safer?

The answers are in the reporting. First, the Hum-V needs to be reinforced to make it safer from damage caused by IEDs. Work that progresses slowly at best. Yet there is a vehicle already that is safer than the Hummer, the Cougar. Test have shown that it is a lot safer from damage caused by IEDs. Then why is it not in action in Iraq in limitless numbers? The cause most often cited is the production of the vehicle. But yet there are auto plants closing all the time. Now ask why one of these is not tooled up to produce the Cougar? Think back to WWII, the nation got behind the war effort and plants were squirting out a bomber a day, for example. Why has this country not gotten behind the troops more solidly?

Now, let us move on to body armor. The troops are saddled with the armpr known as the interceptor. It has proven to be adequate, but there is a more protective armor. It is known as Dragon Scale. It has been proven to be more protective than the interceptor and yet it is not allowed for use by the troops. Even the man who developed the interceptor has stated that the dragon scale is heads above his item. Then why is it not being given to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. They say it is unproven, but yet the CIA operatives are using it in Iraq. Again, why are the troops not being given a more superior protection?

I have been saying this from the beginning--the troops are tools to be used and when used up, in one way or another, they are discarded and new ones are bought. I have started writing to Congress and others demanding to know why these two items, that would protect our troops more than the crap they have now, are not being mass produced to outfit the troops.

If there is one thing you can bet on, it is that I will pass on any and all information I recieve about this subject. It is time for the American people to stop the "sunshine patriot" stuff, like a buying magnet and start demanding that everything will be done to make the troops as safe as they can possibly be.

Anytime you hear a Congress talk about supporting the troops, I say ask them about these two situations. Do not let them side step it by saying it is under advisement. That is a cop out and a game they will play so they do not have to answer a hard question. If you let them get away with this betrayal of the troops, then DO NOT say you support the troops! If you are not outraged by this then you ARE NOT in support of the troops and flying a flag will not change that fact!




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