08 May 2007


OK, we had a guy die from a bomb in Vegas; it was on top of his car. A bomb threat aboard a ferry in Washington state. Seems there are more and more of these recently. Appears to be after the mindless extensive coverage of the Va. Tech disaster. Do you think that the continuous coverage of the story for over a week, may have emboldened whacky wannabes? Anyone thinking about such an action, was jerking off in the corner, considering that if they do the same they will be FAMOUS.

Of course, none of the media will accept responsibility and aI am sure there will never be a study to see if there is a correlation, so my opinions are basically a fart in the wind. Since no one else will do it--I HOLD THE MEDIA RESPONSIBLE!



American Crusader said...

Correlations don't prove anything.

CHUQ said...

Neither does doing nothing.

MemeMarie said...

The over coverage by the media is a major problem, IMO. There is coverage and then there is rediculous. Lately there is too much coverage for me, but that is just my opinion. Everyone knows that there is such thing as a copy-cat so I figure that those types just wait for this type of thing, and grab onto the ideas. I'm not saying they couldn't come up with something on their own, but there are a lot of influences on them, including t.v, whether it be news or movies.

CHUQ said...

I agree. The media has been driving this type of action home and if there arew any would be whackos, it only helps them to make up their pee brains.

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