09 May 2007

Is The Surge Succeeding?

I spend a lot of time on discussion forums for politics and of course I run across a few good posters, but for the most part, I am at odds with most of them. recently, I was discussing the Sirge with a few on a forum and in pops some, I will try to be polite, moron who does not want to exchange views but rather attack, name call and quote only stuff that supports his/her view.

This person says the Surge is working--and as proof they cite the fact that there are lulls or quiet tinmes in Baghdad. That means the surge is working. Then when violence erupts that means that the bad guys had to adjust before they could continue--and that means the surge is working.

After scratching my head for awhile, at the sheer lunacy of any of those observations; I just had to post.

We are fighting insurgents--that is what insurgents do--they fight--they back off--they regroup--they adjust. That is why they are so successful; the ability to readust to the tactics being employed against them..They are insurgents, not an army!

The best I can say is, crack must be getting cheaper, for that would be the only way to see the Surge as a success.



MemeMarie said...

Crack must be getting cheaper, ha ha, Professor!

Good post. I don't feel there is any success with this "surge". I think our government would like us to think there is, but where is the proof? Has the number of casualties gone down? Are we any closer to leaving Iraq? These are just some of the questions that one could ask when deciding whether this surge is succeeding or not.

CHUQ said...

Good point! But I have noticed with my limited experience on forums that cheerleaders will not consider anything not sanctioned by their ideology. A sad state, but true.

Ron said...

Next time you encounter a troll like that, ask him why folks in the Green Zone must now wear helmetns and flack jackets.

CHUQ said...

Ron I do appreciate the support--thanx. I just enjoy mental midgets. Or those who blindly go where all neocons go.

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