17 May 2007

News Roundup

Where's the fire? Everywhere!

Paris honey will do 23 days, if she is a good girl. Britnay is finding a new spirituality. HA!

Gonzo-gate is gonna have more casualities than the old "saturday nite massacre".

Repub also rans try to be humorous--now is not the time.

Prince.,...whatever his name is...will not go to Iraq.

Baldwin is still a dick, Hasselhoff may still be drunk, Imus is still fired and Ana Nicole is still dead.

Somewhere a couple of kids were arrested because they were planning a shooting at their high school. Their plans were to kill 33 so they would have the "worst" incident record. And the media had nothing to do with it. I mean with the endless VT coverage.

OK my rant about the "important" stories is over--HAVE A DAY!


MemeMarie said...

Love thes new's roundups...lol

Ok, Paris, she didn't get enough time, IMO ... Poor little rich girl.. NOT! She should have to go in with the regular prison population, what's that all about.. teach her a REAL lesson!

Gonzo - you got that one right!

Republican's... need I say more?

Prince - I knew they wouldn't let him go.... next heir to the throne BS

Baldwin, Hasselhoff, Imus and Ana.. gotcha... But what happened to Amos and Andy (?) who dished Condi? No repercussions? No 4 day coverage? That's BS... What they said was just as bad, if not worse, than Imus... yet we did not hear too much about it...

The kids... please tell me where to find this story, I didn't see or hear it... Did I tell you that I haven't watched the news the past few days? All the news channels have angered me..

Ok, I agree, my rant is over as well.. ha ha, have a good one, Professor...

CHUQ said...

Meme--an excellent post! Your rant is always welcomed. You get two gold stars.

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