04 May 2007

Republican Debate Analysis

I watched the 1st of the Repub candidates and their debate. This is what I saw.

First it was a snooze. And if I heard the name Reagan one more time (a total of 19, by my count) I was gonna scream.

McCain--he looked like a oissed off Doberman.

Guiliani--he look he was as uncomfortable as a Ho (Imus word) in church.

Romney--came off as an overpracticed drone

The rest were just there looking for a bone that could help. Ron Paul was the only other also ran that impressed me. I did not walk on eggshells trying not to offend anyone. He spoke with confidence and openness.

All were trying desparately to look like the heir apparent to Reagan--not one of them is that person.



MemeMarie said...

Well, to be fair, I didn't see the debate. But, I guess I didn't miss much and I'm sure if I really wanted to, it will probably be re-played on some network.. Hey, wait a minute... CNN is good for repeating and repeating and repeating stories, I wonder if they will carry it? ha ha.

CHUQ said...

MSNBC will probably replay it, since they were one of the sponsors. There was no front runner, IMO. They all were too busy invoking the name of Reagan to be effective.

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