13 May 2007

What Is A Populist?

Who Is The Populist?

This term has been passed around of several generations and recently I read an article that called Hugo Chavez a populist. Also John Edwards has been called a populist. So, who and what is a populist? I am being a bit simplistic, but to go into the entire spectrum would be too confusing. My aim is to have people understand what it is I am speaking of and to act from knowledge and understanding.

Let's speak of Chavez--I have seen the question asked, "Is Chavez the heir apparent to Castro"? Here is an intersting subject. Since Castro is considered a communist, at least by Washington, then I would say no, he is not the heir to the Castro mantle. Chavez is not a communist. But if we are speaking of him as being a pain in Washington's ass, then I say YES, he is the heir apparent.

Many reporters have labelled the movement in Central and South America as a populist movement. But what does that mean? Basically, it is a movement that advocates nationalization or the breaking up of large corporations; in reality it is reactionary authoritarianism. In an extreme case, fascism could possibly be the next step.

Watch the news from Latin America, Chavez, Morales, et al are moving to nationalize industries, the Oil in Venezuela, mining in Bolivia; these industries were usually controlled by corporations.

The word nationalization, rings like socialism; at least to the uninformed. Just because the term is used does not make the user a socialist, just an opportunist.

Now, how about John Edwards? By NO stretch of the imagination can Edwards be considered a populist, only in the narrow minded crap fed by the media. Do you think that anyone calling for the break up of companies could raise enough funds to run from office? Please!

When the news uses terms, please make sure you understand them, for if you do not they can dictate what you think. Think for yourself and make you decisions from knowledge, not from ignorance. That plea is most likely falling on deaf ears!




BillT said...

While you may not consider the nationalization of industry and complete upheaval in property rights and protection as a communist trait, most of us do - regardless of whose ass is pained.

Just a thought.

CHUQ said...

I do not think that those cited are talking about personal property ownership. Chavez may or may not be a communist, but now he is natioanlizing the oil industry, Morales is working on the mine industry. And nationalistic patriotic slogans are a fascist trait--regarless of whose ass is pained.

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