20 May 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

I have started this as my regular Sunday post--it is easier than thinking--gonna give the brain a day off.

1) 60 million votes on American Idol! Damn!

2) Rosie of the View started an anti-war tirade by saying the US was responsible for 650,000 deaths in Iraq. May I suggest that she stick to raggin' on Donald and leave the anti-war stuff to informed people.

3) Wolfowitz to resign from World Bank---Leave it to the incompetence of the Bush Admin to not be able to find a Jew that can run a bank. (Not my analysis, that of Bill Maher--funny nonetheless)

4) McCain is cranky--he used the "F" word when talking with fellow Senator from Texas, Coryn, when they were speaking of the new immigration thing. I keeep saying that McCain needs a nap.

5) This is a good one--Congress rating in the polls is lower than Bush's. I sincerely hope the American people are watching the occurrances in Washington and that they are as pissed as I am. Probably not.

6) Paris gets off with good behavior before she goes to jail. Can anyone else get this deal?

7) This is one of my favs--a man in Minnesota was refused a gun permit, and he is pissed and wants to go to court. THE MAN IS BLIND!

In conclusion--While I was read blogs a few days ago I saw this description of a blog--"a conservative blog against stupidity" After reading it twice and thinking a moment--I have come to the conclusion that that statement is just one long oxymoron!

Have A Day---Peace, Out!



tumbleweed said...

Thanks for the update CHUQ. I'm so disgusted with the major news outlets I haven't been following much of it lately. I confess I did hear about a few of them though.lol.

I wish the blind guy luck with his case.God knows we need more people like him out there with a gun.

CHUQ said...

No prob, I am gonna try and make this a weekly thing. That is to update on little reported items just trying to keep the faith and it gets more difficult everyday. LOL

MemeMarie said...

*60 million votes on Idol - my avatar on PN (the "lost" avatar, lol) addresses that issue, ha ha

*Rosie - she has a big mouth, IMO, but should be sticking to something she knows more about.

*Wolfowitz - don't follow that story, sorry. But.. Bill Maher's comment IS funny, I agree!

*McCain - our daughter-in-law used to live in Arizona and think the sun rises and sets on him... I can say I do not agree with her.

*Congress' rating - go figure, huh?

*Paris - that sucks, she should have to do the time that fits the crime, no matter who she is. Did you catch the sheriff from Arizona that offered to put her in his tent prison and let her work the only women's chain gang in the country? IMO, she should be made an example of and maybe the "rich and famous" of our great country wouldn't try to get away with all this bs. Just a thought, lol

*Blind man refused gun permit - one of my best friends is a blind woman and she has better judgement in a lot of situations than most people I know. The guy had a point about not being able to shoot from a distance, he'd have to have someone "on" him or something to make a shot.

*A conservative blog against stupidity.. you're right, an oxymoron for sure!

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