26 May 2007

Political Prediction

I have been watching the candidates talk, shake, struggle and waffle for some time now and I would like to take this opportunity to make my prediction for who will get the Repub nomination.

The losers:

Guiliani--Tap dances more than Ben Vereen.

McCain--has a real problem with his little temper.

Paul--he talks about real issues and not the imaginary crap of the rest of the pack; that will get you eliminated quickly when you are a republican candidate.

The rest of the pack is just fodder to keep the public guessing.

(Drum roll) and the WINNER is--Mitt Romney! Why?

he has no foreign policy experience

he has "family values"--like staying married to the same women.

he appears presidential on the surface.

But the real clincher is---HE HAS HAIR! When was the last bald president? Do not hurt yourself--Eisenhower.

There you go--I have gone out on a limb--let see if I am right!


1 comment:

CHUQ said...

I am amazed that no one jumped onto this prediction.

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