31 May 2007

Personal Thought

For some weeks now we have been watching the plight of the 2 whales up a river in California. They caught the attention of many Americans and these people were worried about their welfare. They did make too much headway going back to sea until they were given antibiotics for their wounds received from boat props. After a couple of days they started back down the river to the ocean and have seemed to have made it, for they have disappeared. All in all good news. Right?

I know I have been called doom and gloom by some, but I need to ask the question. Did we do them any favors by helping them back to the ocean? I know, I know, you asking yourself, "what is this fool talking about"? Ok, let say they made it to the Pacific and they go to their feeding grounds and rebuild their strength, which would be a wonderful thing. But, consider this--did we really help them? I mean we saved them from dying in the Sacramento river, only to send them back to sea to possibly face Japanese harpoons.

Soo, I ask did we really do them a favor?

Just a thought.


MemeMarie said...

When I read this I thought "this is kind of what I've been thinking"

See, I've said it before and I'll say it again, if an animal is hurt, say a bluebird is hit by your car - it is against the law to touch it.. you are supposed to leave it to nature. We've all heard about species dying out and we need to save them, but - my opinion on this is that maybe, just maybe, mother nature is just doing her job and we should stay out of it. So, that is how I am feeling with the whale situation. I really don't care, is what it comes down to. NOT to sound harsh, but let nature take it's course...If they got there, let them get back.

CHUQ said...

Well, extinct species in some cases is Mom Nature, but in these days of human contamination, I see it is our fault and should clean up everything and then let Mom do her thing.

The whales were confused and not going anywhere, but after antibiotics they started there trip home. Tells me that they were suffering from infection caused by a manmade boat prop, so I say we treat them and then it will go back to Mom.

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