19 May 2007

Immigration 101

WOW! We have a proposal for the immigration problem--the Congress is mashing out a compromise, probably as we speak. Opponents on both sides will not like it--that's politics. All pundits have there stances and the common man has his/her stance, whether good or bad, they listen to people like Lou Dobbs. Who, BTW, if there is ever an immigration deal hammered, will have nothing to say and he may slip into obsurity as did the show "Crossfire".

There is a simple way to look at the problem and somewhere an economist is preparing a multi-page diatribe, citing every known axiom, law and whatever else he can find to dispute my simple explanation. Read them if you want a good sleeping pill. But regardless, there is a simple explanation to what will happen.


I suggest that you prepare for the worse. If you like to eat, then I suggest that you redo your budget for the grocery bite will be heavy.


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