12 May 2007

Soldiers And Iraq

I listened to one of our leaders, a general, in Iraq; he was speaking of the troops saying that they know the US needs help and volunteer to do their part. Well, it is true they volunteer, but I beleive the monetary incentives outweigh any patriotic feelings. The incentives seem to keep going up and up, to try an meet enlistment quotas or to try and keep those already in the military.

I ask, just how successful would recruitment be without the monetary incentives? Would the person be more inclined to enlist if they were told that they would be on the streets of Baghdad and a target for anyone with a weapon? Or would they jump at the proposal of getting 10,000 to 40, ooo for their signature? While they are counting their bonus and signing on the dotted line is when you throw the part about dying.

Sounds like a successful plan to me. Sounds like a death warrant for the enlistee.



MemeMarie said...

Yeah, they get good bonuses, I know that from our son serving. They feed them those bonus stats and where else is a kid that age (for the most part) going to get that kind of money. AND... What young person do you know doesn't think they are invincible? I have never met one. The recruiters are liars and it burns me how they operate, I know it is their job, but I could never do it. Neither could I be a lawyer, I would have to do what I felt was right, if I knew the person was guilty, I could not represent them. (truth in court? HA!) but I am straying here. I hate that Army commercial about "if your child comes to you about the Army - to discuss it with them"... Let's see, something like "you made them strong, we'll make them Army strong".... GAWD! I would fight tooth and nail at this point to do everything in my power to talk them OUT of it, certainly not into it.

CHUQ said...

Did not Kerry mention something about this and he was crucfied by the neocons?

Yeah, I guess the old slogan, an army of one, was not catchy enough for recruitment.

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