06 May 2007

An Idea For A War

OK, with the world as pathetic as it is these days, war is inevitable; someone will piss someone else and the bangs will begin. I suggest that Saudi Arabia donate a 100 sq, km. tract of land in the desert and on this land the world builds a town (design to be forthcoming). Then the sides with the beef at each other oick 100 hundred people per side, then each side is given the same ordinance (types to be announced). Then they flip a coin to see who will be the aggressor and who will be the defender. At a prescribe day and time, the war will begin and continue until one side wins.

Oh yeah, the leaders of the two countries will be involved in the fighting.

Whoever wins the battle wins the dispute.

This is a simple solution, I agree, but think of the death and destruction that could be avoided. And the warring countries could continue with daily life without the hinerance of a conflict.

This plan would solve the problem of politicians strarting wars and sitting back to let others handle the devastation. They will be involved up to their collective yellow asses!



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