14 May 2007

Is It A Sport?

Hunting: An American Tradition?

Hunting was a way of life not long ago. You were a good provider for your family if you were a good hunter But since the invention of supermarkets and white collar jobs, it is no longer a necessity to be a good hunter.

Hunting moved from a necessity to a sport. Now if you buy a hunting license you become a member of a large sporting club--the American hunter. You are a sportsman, who hunts from a tree stand that is comfortable, with a gun that shoots a mile with a scope that can see 2 miles. Oh Yeah, the gun holds a clip of 4 or more rounds. you arrive at your chosen luxury box in a tree by your ATV, which has a cooler on the back with lunch and suds. There is more but why beat that dead horse.

Now my question is--what part of the above description defines hunting as a sport? Or what part of it gives the prey a "sporting" chance? When I was living on a local river with not much money I hunted almost daily. I was shooting doves on the ground and some guy saw me and said "you are not giving them a chance." I replied screw them, I am making lunch nor sport.

I just do not like the fact it is called a sport--it is not! Looking for a trophy buck is not sport, it is just some sick form of blood lust!

I say that if there must be these "people" in the woods, then make the license fee $1000 and put it into a pot, take all that pay to a pre arranged area and the one that walks out alive gets all the cash, with 10% going to the state for maintaince fees.




MemeMarie said...

The question is: Is hunting a sport? Good question. I have some opinions on this. I understand that people having good hunting skills in years past, were reliant upon this "skill" to survive. Isn't that what hunting is all about? Take my husband, for instance. He usually hunts in the fall. Is it for sport? No. Ok, he enjoys the hunt, but is it for sport? No, again. When he gets a deer or a moose, it it prepared, then goes in the freezer, which supplies us with a good amount of tasty meat. But sport? I guess some will say it is a sport, but I look at it this way: Shooting a deer takes some skill. Deer scare easily, run and sometimes you can't get an "easy" shot. But, then think about a moose. Shooting a moose is like shooting a cow in a field. They just stand there and look at you, continuing on with what they are doing. They don't usually run, they just stand there looking at you while you take aim. So, can moose hunting be considered a sport? Not in my opinion. There's not much sport in hitting a moose. The hardest part of shooting a moose is in finding one, they are slow moving and a large target, (not much chance to miss) so I don't see much sport in it, personally.

CHUQ said...

Good comment Meme! There are those of us who actually hunt to make meat. But if you look in so-called "hunting" mags, it seems to be all about the gadgets and such that make it easier to kill your trophy.

I like wild game, but I will not starve if I do not go hunting. I have a prob with the whole idea of hunting for trophy. We are predators, why? our eyes are in the front of our head. Prey's eyes are on the side. We are meat eaters, not headhunters.

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