28 May 2007

Professor's Classroom

OSIM! And time for the lesson. Morning class!

This subject has been in the news now for years, the ping-pong match has gone to and fro. But where did it start?

When was the first anti-gay legislation enacted in America? Give me when, where, why and what.

I realize that is not much to go on, but any other info and google would make it too damn simple and easy.

You may begin.


J said...

How about the Buggery Act of 1533 authored by Henry VIII that was adopted by the colonists in 1624? They used it to hang Ship's Master Richard Cornish for committing sodomy with a 29 year old cabin boy.

MemeMarie said...

I'm working on my answer, Professor, I have a different answer going, so I'll continue...

Good luck "J" ha ha.. j/k

CHUQ said...

Well "J" thanks for the visit and I will post the answer as soon as the others pipe in. K! little Buddy?

MemeMarie said...

Professor, would you believe it if I said the dog ate my homework???

I didnt' think so.. so I will tell the truth.

I have some of the information

on a page of paper

which at the moment I cannot put my hands on because I have 4 notebooks sitting here, papers scattered with notes, and such.

But, from memory, it has to do with Clinton signing it and the year is (I think) 1996.. but please don't quote me since I can't find my notes.

Damn! The one "for sure" thing I came to the blog to post on and I can't find the notes.. (I did work my way down to this post and posted along the way)

Have a great day professor!

CHUQ said...

Thanx meme, and I will go ahead and give the answer. "J" is correct on all cases. Sorry.

The first anti-homosexual law is passed in England (25 Henry 8, chapter 6), which "adjudges buggery a felony punishable by hanging until dead. The Buggery Act was piloted through Parliament by Thomas Cromwell in an effort to support Henry VIII's plan for reducing the jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts.... It was on the books primarily as a symbolic token of the supremacy of the secular courts over the ecclesiastical courts.

MemeMarie said...

Glad I didn't go any further with my answers, but once again, I learned a lot on my "quest".

Congrat's J - you earned yourself a front seat in Professor's classroom, ha ha.

btw, does anyone but me remember the old board game Go To The Head of the Class? http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/4041 I remember playing it with my sisters and cousins, at a very young age.. ok, just a walk down memory lane, ha ha

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