18 May 2007

And Yet Another Rant

Hopefully everyone is watching the drama play out in the Sacramento River, two Humpback whales, a mother and her young, are a bit confused at where they are. Different organizations have different plans to try and coax the two back down the river and into the Pacific. So far not much has worked. Do not fret for now, they do not seem to be in any danger, right now, but people are concerned and would like to return them to their habitat.

Since nobody has been successful and the situation is leaving the bunch scratching their heads. I have a suggestion, take a copy of the last Repub debate and play it for them, that should drive them away and back to the ocean. If that does not work, try a blown up pic of Gov. Thompson, with all the rouge and such, that would definately scare the ba-jesus out of them.

Just a thought.


MemeMarie said...

Yet another brilliant idea, "play the debate..." kudos, Professor!

CHUQ said...

Thanx--I just try to give it up as I sees it.

tumbleweed said...

Good one CHUQ.I wonder if all these folks that are so concerned about the whales are that concerned with the well being of the poor people of their community?

Nature has a way of working these things out. We should leave well enough alone.IMO.

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