10 May 2007

Generals Speak Out

Yesterday an ad staring running with ex-generals criticising the pres and his tactics. Gen. Batiste, said that he retired because he could deal with the lunacy of the Bush policy and so that he could speak out. Is it true? Depends on who you want to believe. Is it politically motivated? Well DUH! The election is next year and why would these guys come out now and not sooner. Politics! politics!

And also in the news 11 moderate repubs met with the Pres and gave him an ear full about the war and the support for it. Why now? I mean all the negative reports and lies and______, well yoiu fill in the blank. Politics! Politics! And when is the next election? Are the reps starting to listen to the people? Only if you believe in the tooth fairy.

Re-election could be the only reason the war is ended. If you reps are interesting in re-election then the war will become more and more unpopular, as the American people start showing their disapproval. Will the war really end? When? The war will end when the multinationals want it to end.

The voters have a say and their say is heard, but it is only a whisper drowned out by the shouts of the multinationals.

Oh by the way, just to let you know--those 11 that met with the pres told him that all the reports they have show that the American people are losing confidence on the war.. That means, you are being listened to? ROFLMAO! NO! I t means they have an out now and if for some reason it comes back to bite them in the butt; it will be the people who are at fault, for the reps were just doing what they wanted. Politics! Politics!



Ron said...

No coincidence big Dick was in Baghdad yesterday, eh?

CHUQ said...

Nope! The admin is getting worried that the Oil Law will not be passed and that multinationals will iss out on the rape of the country.

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