18 May 2007

Personal Observation

There is lots of lip service going on in Washington, in newspapers and on the media about the proposal of the Iraqi government that wanted to take a two month break. Of course, the Pres boys do not want this, they want them to stay and hammer out the oil law, about the only thing the Admin is inyersted in, at this time. (I have covered this ridiculous topic previously.) All the talk is that if they take the break the American people will not stand for it. Well, that is a flippin' lie! The admoin is worried that if they takes this break, the American people will be all over the occurrance and demand that the troops come home. Something the White House fears more than anything else.

All that being said, put yourself in their position (the Iraqis). If you lived with all the violence and death daily, would you want a break? Please, do not use their concern for the Iraqi people, for that is about as lame as lame can get. It was NEVER about the Iraqi people!

OK, let us look at this from another angle. Does your representative take his/her breaks? Even when there is crucial bills to be considered? I say they stay in Washington until ALL necessary bills are formulated and given to the pres for his consideration.But, no, they work 4 maybe 5 days a week, about a total of 4 hours a day and take off whenever they feel "stressed".

What is that old saying from your childhood, when you point a finger, there is four others pointing back. If they cannot understand the necesswity for a break from the crap in Baghdad, then I suggest our representatives go and spend some quality time in Baghdad and maybe then they will understand and shut the hell up.



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