05 May 2007

Daily Rant

I recently encounter a simpleton on a discussion forum that posted a conserv article about "liberal fascists" that are trying to ban conserv talk show host like O'reilly, Limbaugh, etc. First, BULLSHIT! Something that will never happen. But I hard a hard time getting past the phrase "liberal fascist".

Liberal--someone on the left of the political spectrum, at least that is a definition in today's politics.

Fascist--someone on the extreme right of the political spectrum.

May I suggest that you pick one or the other, but using the two together is just plain ignorant!

After burying head in hands and doing a lot of laughing, I decide to respond. "Liberal Fascists" is a word similare to military intelligence or happily married or immortal dead. They are all oxymorons. Two words that mean polar opposites and should never be used together to make a point. When you do you appear to be a simpleton with the IQ of your hat size.

I suggest that the author of the article let "real" analysts do the analytical stuff, that would eliminate giving himself a migraine.


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