20 May 2007

A Question On Iraq

There has been a lot of lip service about why we should stay in Iraq. Repubs have said there are some successes in the country with the surge. The Demos will debate this fact and so will many others. But the idea that we, as Americans, should give the President more time for his plan to work.

My thought on this is, he has had 4 years and the progress has been a negative, why would we believe that it will work now?

More important, ask if the Iraqi oil law is passed as it is, which favors the oil companies over the country, how fast would the administration be looking for a quick out? I would almost bet that there would be some revelation that comes to their minds and we would start the withdrawal.

Just a thought.


tumbleweed said...

i think the thing that has made up about withdrawl is the fact we aren't making any progress. It seems our role is just patroling the country but I hear very few reports of progress in steming the violence or of the Iraqi's being close to taking control of their country. I'm under the impression they won't stand up until we stand down.

CHUQ said...

I gree and Hi Tumbleweed. They find a small sign of success and the inflate it to stem off any opposition. Somewhere someone will have to make a tough decision and it will probably be the new pres.

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