05 May 2007

News UpDates

First, the best news in the media today is that biatch, Paris Hilton will go to jail. She looked like she was really pissed at the prospect. HA! Finally, and I say put her in with Big Bertha and let the loving begin. Sell that tape!

Hasselhoff is a drunk--go figure. You would drink too if you longer had the Baywatch Babes to deal with.

The Washington hooker story--about the best thing I can say is--there is nothing good I can say. Never mind!

Oh yeah, let us not forget the big story--what color hat will the Queen wear to the race? I know I will sleep well until that question is answered.

I have a thought--why not let CNN change their slogan from a "all the news you can use" to " all the news that is useless". Just a thought.

Now a question for the class. Why are the American so starved for information on the Brit monarchy? If someone has a good answer, it will be worth some extra credit.



MemeMarie said...

Let's see... My comments on your news update. Smile. This is fun, I like commenting on the news, or rather, making fun of it. (What is the name of the class, btw? Now, you have to come up with something witty again, professor!)

Paris Hilton... loved it. A picture is worth a thousand words, but I shall spare you those. Before she went in she was all smiles, rubbing her half bare stomach, looking quite smug. I thought at the time, just for that look alone, she should go to jail. I think she thought her star quality would win over the judge. Too bad for her.... NOT!

Hasselhoff - Yeah, I caught that one. Far cry from what he used to look like. The first thing I ever saw him on was the Young and the Restless in the 70's. He was a doctor. Too bad when anyone gets to that point, though.

Washington hooker story...totally agree, taking up news space, which we might not get anything better in its place anyways.

The Queen... Her royal majesty. Why Professor, I would have thought you would have loved this story... ha ha, I'm messing with you here. I think this should be more of Britain's news than ours, but I'm not a "royal" fan. I mean, I liked Princess Diana, but nothing like a fan club member or anything. The queen is all about show, that's it.

CNN. Good slogan, Professor!

My answer to the question... I have no idea why we would want to know any more about the Brit's than we already do. What should we really care what these dress up freaks do to spend their time? It's of no consequence to me or any other American, so I guess my best answer would be, news stations catering to an easy story, but that is angering because there is real news out there to report.

CHUQ said...

Good post Marie! Hasselhoff is like all aging stars, when he fades a bit drugs and alcohol step in.

Paris, instead of shoving money up her butt, her Mom should have taught her how to act and behalf.

The Queen--I thought back in the late 1700's we moved beyond kissing a royals ass. I could be mistakened.

The class name--The Worthlessness Of The Media 101.

Thanx for the visit.

MemeMarie said...

Worthlessness of the Media 101... sounds good!

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