03 May 2007

Joan Baez Banned

Good morning class! Ok, let's enter into the "way back" time machine and journey to the 60's and 70's. This period was full of protesters against the war in Vietnam and among them was one, Joan Baez. She did concerts, wrote songs and spoke out against the war. She was even married to a guy named David, who was in prison for being a "draft dodger". Needless to say, she was not very popular with the government in power at the time. She was, however, very popular with the protesters and resisters.

ON personal note, I was not one of her fans. I was not for the war, as a matter of fact, I was one of those damn "commies" that protested the war. Baez, in my opinion, used her then husband to further her career. It made really popular because that he made a stand and went to jail, instead of going to war. Please understand this is a personal opinion.

ZAAAAP! Now we are in the present day. Mellencamp was having a concert for Walter Reed guys and he wanted to inclide Baea, who is a friend of his, but she was not allowed to join in the concert.. WHY? According to the Army, she was added too late to the roster, for them to make arrangements. The military said that it was not because of her opposition to the war. They even said that Mellencamp was against the war, so that is a none issue.

If you believe that, then your check is in the mail! Baez is a very verbal opponent of the war where Mellencamp wants to sell records. He may be against the war, but he is a wimp. He wants to avoid confrontation, where Baez seems to relish it. If the war became popular tomorrow, then Mellencamp will come to his senses and be all for it. It is about money and record sales.

My opinion? Baez should have been allowed to play, but then again I am one of those damn "commies".



MemeMarie said...

Well, I was young when this whole thing with Baez happened during Vietnam, but I think you're right. She was a "protester", so therefore, they don't want her at Walter Reed for that reason. They can give any reason they want to the public, but it doesn't take a private eye to figure out the true meaning. I mean, sure, they can say that Mellancamp is anti-war, but Baez has a "history" and I think they are afraid she could "make some noise" again, if given the opportunity. This whole administration is looking for anyone who is making them look bad... maybe they ought to realize that they have done that to themselves.

CHUQ said...

Your point is well taken--Mellencamp is against the war, but he is not that vocal about it. From my days in the anti-war movement of the '70's, I can tell you that people like him are opportunists and the movement is better off without them.

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