27 May 2007

Weekly News Roundup

Here goes all the news that was ........for the week.

Carter critizes Bush and he in turn is critised--He waffled!

Cutty Sark burns in the UK..the ship not the scotch!

Russian spy charged with death of Russian spy--that sounds confusing!

Dems bowed low to kiss the Pres' ass on the Iraq Bill--predicted!

Rosie and Hasselbeck have cat fight on the View--would have been more interesting if they had pulled hair and ripped off clothing, but I will take what comes. DAMMIT!

Gonzo is still in Washington. Does this guy wear padded knee pads?

Gen. in Iraq says he does not know why the increase in violence. Is he in Iraq? Or is he in Peoria doing a waitress?

Well there was some good news coming out of Washington--A bird crapped on the Pres during a news conference--poor man cannot catch a break. LOL

Oh yeah! There is more good news--American Idol is done for the season--now maybe the people will pull their collective heads from their asses and learn something. NOT!

If I missed anything, please feel free to include it in the comments.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approve this f*cking message!



MemeMarie said...

My favorite posts of the week - the News Roundup... love the humor you add to this, thanks Chuq!

*Carter/Bush - I wish 'ol Jimmy had never retracted his statement, the nation and the world were watching. Hindsight is 20/20, tho.

*Cutty Sark - ha ha... the scotch! That's what I first thought of when I heard the story, ha ha funny how our minds remember "brands" huh?

*Russian Spy - Russia says it the agent on trial for the murder of former if Britain provides sufficient evidence of his guilt. hmm... have to wait on this one, huh?

* Dem's bow - Have you ever heard of a politician who didn't bow to kiss someones keister? ha ha.. disappointing...

*Rosie - if she is so concerned, maybe she'll make her own show, that'll bring out the truth of whether people want to hear from her or not...

*Gonzo - ROFLMAO good one, Professor!

*General in Iraq - My vote would be for Peoria with a waitress, lol!

*Bird $hits on Bush - I wonder if the sparrow practiced or was one helluva a great shot? lmao

*American Idol - gawd I'm glad the season is over - now I can watch HOUSE again! ha ha...

The only thing I can think of adding is this: the 11 year old who bagged "hogzilla"... Is anyone else as annoyed as me on how many times I have heard this story since it happened? PLEASE!

MemeMarie said...

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approve this f*cking message!

CHUQ said...

Marie, thanx for the compliment. I thought I would change it up abit and the roundup was one of my first thoughts. I am glad you like it.

Hogzilla--I dated her for a while, it was kinda like riding a hinda, fun but you do not want any of you friends to see rding it.

MemeMarie said...

Yeah, I do look forward to the "weekly news roundup". Now that I know exactly what day, makes it easier and the humor you throw in is great.

you dated Hogzilla? Wow, sounds like a wild ride, lol lol

CHUQ said...

Unfortunately there was a lot of "pork" spending involved.

MemeMarie said...

arrrgghhh! lol - good one. To tell you the truth, maybe it is just cause I'm a "northern girl" but truthfully, I may say I'm sick of hearing about that story, but... it's one of those things I had to see to believe. I have heard of wild hogs, but god almighty, I didn't know there was such a large beast as that. Now I am going to have to look some of this stuff up, I truly am amazed!

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