28 July 2007


This is my first post in this new feature. It will show up just about anywhere. So beware.

The general that did not do the right thing about Pat Tillman; he may lose a star and some money. Why? Because he gave "misleading information". (thinking....thinking....)

The "elites" give misleading information; the average person lies.

But wait there is more!

Ditech has this mortgage ad on TV where they push that it is a 6.125% loan but yet it is a 6.403% APR. Now which is it?

Guess what? Do you recall the "abstinance" pledge that they pushed into the schools? You recall the sex ed of the Bush Admin, right? It worked so well that the incidents of oral sex rose by 60% and there was a 40% rise in anal sex. Good job guys!



tumbleweed said...

I read somewhere that losing a star was only $1000 a month.

Abstinence programs are a waste of tax payers money.

CHUQ said...

Thanx for the visit, Tumble I appreciate it. The storiesw coming out now seem to suggest it might have been murder and not an accident. This is unacceptable, if it was then someone needs to pay dearly for the lies. And $1000 is not dearly.

Sex is sex and abstinance is a waste of time. An old saying from my hippie days, "if it feels good, do it!"

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