18 July 2007

Steroids Or Intel?

Yesterday the new National Intel estimate (NIE) came out. What was in it? Not too much apparently for all news media was concentrated on the news conference about the wrestler and his steroid use. Personally, I do not give a sh*t! There are Americans dying and bleeding in Iraq and Afghanistan, I would think that that would be more important than some whacked out dipstick. yes, it was a tragedy what he did, but if anyone thinks that will have an effect on whether the sh*t is used by others, I have some land in Florida I want to sell you by the gallon. K!

The asshole is dead; he killed his family and then himself. That is all I need to f*cking know!


1 comment:

tumbleweed said...

Good point CHUQ, but there are a lot of entertainment fans that the media is targeting with this story.

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