09 July 2007

Professor's Classroom

By the clock on the wall--it is Monday and everyone's favorite time!

Class today is a special day--why?--it is Monday!

Take out pencil and paper, this week's question is:

Name the only American buried at the Kremlin in Moscow.

You may begin!


Meme said...

Learned something yet again! I know, that's the purpose! Here, copied and pasted due to my lack of ability to type much at present moment is what I found:

John Silas Reed (1887-1920), American revolutionist, poet, and journalist. Born in a mansion owned by his maternal grandparents, outside of Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Harvard in 1910, then went on to work for a few publication companies. IN 1914, Metropolitan Magazine sent him to Mexico, where he walked within the lines of Pancho Villa's army.

WHAT ELSE I LEARNED, THOUGHT WAS INTERESTING...Reed and his wife, Louise Bryant, were in Russia during the October Revolution. In reporting the Bolshevik effort to gain control, Reed won V. I. Lenin's friendship. Here Reed gathered materials for his most noted work, Ten Days That Shook the World (1919). In 1919, after he had been expelled from the National Socialist Convention, he formed the Communist Labor party in the United States. He was arrested several times for incendiary speeches and finally, after printing articles in the Voice of Labor, was indicted for sedition. He fled to the Soviet Union on a forged passport. Twice he tried to return to the United States but was unsuccessful. Stricken by typhus, he died on Oct. 19, 1920, in Moscow. He was given a state funeral and buried in the Kremlin.

**Feels like plagiarism to copy and paste, but since I had read the entire article, from the website, I thought I'd include some of what I learned from it...

CHUQ said...

Marie--well done! I have got to get more detailed stuff, I am letting my stuff get too easy. LOL

Meme said...

Are you trying to say I'm too smart, or you're slacking off? LOL, just kidding Professor... I enjoy this!

CHUQ said...

No I am saying the Google button is too easy. LOL! I am glad you enjoy; it is fun giving my readers something to thinl out.

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