19 July 2007

None Of The Above

I heard that Massachussets, I believe, will have a none of the above box for their Republican primary ballots. Is this a good idea? Well, it is humorous but what happens if none of the above actually wins? Who will lead the party? What happens if it catches on and it is put onb the presidential ballot and it wins? What direction willo the country take? Will the electoral college f*ck the people again?

You may laugh like hell at this, but think if it wins. IMO, you will not laugh so damn hard with the choice that will be made for you by the other method.



Anonymous said...

Check out http://www.nationalpopularvote.com to see how we may not have to worry about the Electoral College much longer.

CHUQ said...

Anonymous, thanx for the link, I have past it on to friends on a couple of forums. Hopefully, we can build on that!

tumbleweed said...

If none of the above were to get the most, wouldn't it go to the next named candidate with the most votes?

CHUQ said...

I would think so, but then comes the question, would that person be the most popular? I guess it would take a bunch of legal opinions before we would kniow for sure.

I would like to thank all thoise who visit my blog, I really appreciate the input.

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