26 July 2007

Let The Rape Begin!

Recently the Iraqi parlement passed a bill that would be sure that the oil refinery industry was privatized.

The law, approved Tuesday, is a step toward relinquishing government involvement in the refining sector and, when poverty is alleviated, moving Iraqi consumers from state-subsidized to market prices for fuel.

Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani told United Press International Wednesday from his mobile phone in Baghdad that the government will provide incentives to both domestic and foreign private oil companies whose refinery plans the ministry approves.

"This is a law that will privatize the refining sector in Iraq and allow the private sector, whether it's local or international investments, to be able to invest in refining activities in Iraq, including building refineries," Shahristani said.

It is just the beginning of the rape of Iraq's natural resource. If and when the oil law is passed and is passed as is, corporations will have cut out the middle man, and let the profits roll.

Iraq Scorecard:

Corporations--1 Iraq--0


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