02 July 2007

Professor's Classroom

It is Monday and you know what that means? The class is in session. My last lecture was a bomb hopefully this one will be better.

OK, Class

Who is the Egyptian Yasser Abdul-Ra'ouf Qudwa Al-Husseini?

Good luck and good hunting!


Meme said...

It is Yasser Arafat - He was born August 24, 2929 in Cairo, Egypt, to Palestinian parents. He was "the leader who passionately sought a homeland for his people but was seen by many Israelis as a ruthless terrorist and a roadblock to peace".

CHUQ said...

Marie--you be the head of the class. Very good. For extra credit. what was his occupation? And what incident made him turn to a life as a "terroist"?

Good luck!

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