24 July 2007

And Yet Another Democratic Debate

Last night the Demo candidtaes met in South Carolina for the newest debate. A CNN-YouTube Debate. The people got to ask the questions for the candidtaes to answer--Anderson Cooper was the mod for the evening.

The format was unusual and interesting--the askers were more concerned about domestic issues than the war, which was different from other debates where professioanl reporters and such asked the questions. All in all good questions, not the same can be said for answers.

My analysis will not be the same as most for I am grading them on the answers and their positions.

Clinton, Obama and Edwards were the front runners and will remain so in the news. They answered questions without answering questions, which makes them the perfect politicians. They told the people what they thought they wanted to hear, did not give answers that were substantive.

Dodd--what can I say, he is ify at best and a politician, but a few of his answers were good, most were political not truthful.

Biden and Kucinich once again gave answers that were full of conviction and passion, they were not canned answers at all.

Gravel--Good answers but will be seen as a tired old Demo that needs a break.

Richardson--an outsider with several good answers toi questions like education and etc. but unfortunately he was not outstanding and will remain an also ran. Thge one bright spot for me was when a person asked if troops were dying in vain as they did in Viietnam. The only two that gave a definite yes were Gravel and Kucinich; the rest tapped danced and gave no good answer.

All in all--it was what I had anticipated, the top thyree gave standard answers that were not answers just quotes from sources. To the media, not much will change--top three will remain the top three and the others will continue to fight to be heard.

My scorecard:

Kucinich wins; Biden second; Edwards third and rest are just politicians.



Vigilante said...

IMO (since you asked) I agree with you: last night's format represented a giant leap forward and upwards as far as setting a new standard for presidential debates. A crucial question is (remains) whose unseen hands select the questions as well as who moderates? Anderson Cooper did very well.

Yes, the downside is so few questions were given to the true truth-speaking Progressives, Kucinich and Gravel. This is demonstrated here.

The only losers in the field were Richardson and Dodd.

CHUQ said...

Thanx for your input and I look forward to more it. I was worried that idiots would rule the questions, happily I was wrong. The only disappoint,ment I had was, as you said, the candidtaes with passion and conviction were not called upon that much.

The dog and pony show of Clinton, Obama and Edwards was just that a political show.

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